Yuba Classic Cargo bike

Convert your standard bike into an electric bike

Bike Conversion $1,150

We have built over 100 ebikes in the last year and are experienced in road bikes, mountain bikes, cargo bikes, and folding bikes. We stock all parts: motors and batteries, cables, extensions, displays, so we have a quick turn around.

We also build full suspension bikes.

$1,200 to convert a bike to an eBike using the Bafang BBS02 750 watt mid drive motor and a 48v 13Ah lithium ion battery. Includes a motor brace and shift sensor.
$1,450 to convert a bike using the Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt motor. Includes shift sensor and motor brace.
Battery upgrades are available.

All parts are in stock!

How long does it take? All of our builds take a minimum of one and a half to two days to build. Some bikes will take three days to build and some even longer. Why so long? Here are the steps we take:

1. Review/research the bike. This is very important as some bikes are not good candidates for conversion.

2. Inspect the bike for any safety issues. Notify the owner of any parts needed to be  installed in order to make the bike safe. We check all components on the bike, (chain, cables, brakes, wheels, tires, bearings). We will not perform any work on a bike we have determined to be unsafe. If there are safety issues related to the bike, that the owner is not willing to repair, the bike will be returned to the owner at no cost.

3. Prepare bike. Take measurements, repair items that need repair.

4. Remove bottom bracket. This can be very time consuming as we use special tools to prevent damage to your bike in case of a frozen bottom bracket.

5. Clean and remove any obstacles in the BB cavity.

6. Fit Anderson PowerPole R45 connectors to the motor leads. This is important as many batteries come equipped with Anderson PowerPole R45 connectors. Therefore, if in the future you wish to change battery you just unplug the existing battery, remove it from the bike frame, attach new battery, and join the R45 connectors.

7. Fit and set motor. The motor has to fit perfectly. The motor must sit level and the lock ring must be flush against the bottom bracket shell. This, at times, requires modification to motor and/or the frame. There are shift cables that will run underneath the motor and the motor must be set that so it will not impede the movement of these cables and allow access to them so they can be replaced in the future. We also use "Blue" Lock Thread to insure threaded parts stay secure.

8. Installation of the battery is the most difficult challenge as it must be a solid install allowing one the ability to remove the battery for charging. Most bike frames will require the installation of Rivnuts. The installation of Rivnuts requires special tools and experience in their use. If your bike is full suspension the location of the battery will be discussed with you prior to setting.

9. The installation of the display, throttle, ebrakes with motor cutoff, "green button," and any other items that may be necessary.

10. Install the Gear sensor on all BBSHD 1000 watt builds. We believe this is a necessity as the BBSHD is a very powerful motor and the Gear Sensor relives pressure on the drive train every time you shift.

11. Install Motor brace on all BBSHD 1000 watt builds. This is necessary due to the tremendous torque that is applied by the motor that will eventually cause the motor to loosen. The motor place firmly holds the motor in place.

11. Install rear wheel sensor.

12. Route all cables from the motor to the battery and the control functions in such a way to be as least obtrusive as possible. We try to make all cable routing to appear as neat and clean as possible. Sometimes we run it under the down tube and other times we run it under the top tube. Large frame bikes present fewer problems than small frame bikes. We also carry in stock certain cables we use to eliminate cable clutter.

13. We program the display and the motor. The motor is programed for optimum performance and range.

14. Disc brakes are recalibrated. Caliper brakes are reset.

15. Check tire air pressure

16. Check torque specs' on ALL nuts and bolts on the bike.

17. Test ride. All bikes are test ridden to insure everything is functional.

18. Prepare an invoice

19. Sign releases

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eBikes for sale

Often, if not always, we have new eBike conversions for sale that is a less expensive option so remember to check our bikes for sale page!