Electric Bike Batteries For Sale

Always Purchase Your Batteries Local

Why is it important to purchase your electric bike battery locally? All lithium ion batteries (eBike batteries) are a class four hazardous material and therefore cannot be shipped by any common carrier unless you have engaged the services of a hazardous material shipper. Any attempt to return a battery, for any reason or under any circumstances can result in a $74,000 fine. Therefore if you purchase a battery from overseas, out of state, or even out of driving range, and that battery is defective it cannot be returned. Some less than honest sellers tell the buyer they will "send them Haz Mat labels to put on the return box," but again, that is highly illegal.

If you purchase you battery locally, if it is defective it can be returned for a replacement. That simple. Of the hundreds of batteries we have sold we have had two request a replacement. The first request was because the battery would not accept a charge. We gave the buyer a new battery with no questions ask. Upon testing it proved to be a faulty charger, not a faulty battery. The second request was because the on off switch snapped off. We gave the buyer and use the other for a "shop battery."

We carry two types of batteries. The first is our entry level battery the 48v 13Ah battery with generic cells. Generic cells are fine; they are not some cast away cells that underperform. We have never had a single complaint about our entry level batteries and we have sold a lot of them. The second type of battery we keep in stock are those that use Premium Samsung 35E cells. We specifically choose this cell group for the purpose of increasing range. The Samsung 35E cell group will last longer and hold their charge more efficiently than the generic batteries.

We are available to answer any questions you might have about our batteries about the batteries. 


Ebike Lithium Batteries

48v 13Ah $380.00


48v 12.5Ah battery with charger. 30 amp BMS. Anderson Powerpole Connectors

48v 14.5Ah $580.00


Out of stock

48v 17.5Ah $610.00


48v 17.5Ah Samsung 35e premium cells, with charge. 30 amp BMS. Anderson Powerpole Connectors

52v 13Ah $420.00


52v 13Ah with charger. 30 amp BMS. Anderson Powerpole Connectors

52v 14.5Ah $650.00


Out of Stock

52v 17.5 Ah $675


52v 14.5Ah Samsung 35E premium cells, with charge. 30 amp BMS. Anderson Powerpole Connectors