Bafang Motors and Kits, Bafang BBSHD and BBS02

Bafang 750 watt BBS02b $529

This is everything you need to install the Bafang 750 watt mid drive to your bike. bafang bbshd bafang bbs02

Bafang 1000 watt BBSHD $699

The BBSHD is a 1000 watt motor. The "HD" stand for heavy duty. It has a 30 amp controller so it can take the punishment of hills with out effort. bafang bbshd, bafang bbs02, bicycle

Lekkie "Bling Ring" 42 teeth $99.00

The Lekkie Chain Ring is a upgrade that is worth every cent. Not only does it look a lot better than the stock chain ring but also it has thick/thin teeth which keeps the chain from slipping.

Install Spanner $18

This is the wrench that allows the installation of Bafang BBS02 and the BBSHD

C965 3 button display $55.00

This is the Bafang C965 three button display that can be used with the BBS02 and the BBSHD

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