Have an old bike in the garage that is taking up space? Let us convert it to an electric bike and get twice the bike at half the cost. Guaranteed!


Hello, I am Dr. Carpenter, the CEO of Island City Bikes, LLC. In 2017 we began selling Bafang motors and components. Soon after, we began to buy bicycles in bulk and began to convert them into electric bicycles. However, more and more people began to bring us their bikes and ask if we could covert them to electric. Today, converting existing bikes to electric represents 80% of our business. In the last 12 months we have converted over 350 standard bikes to electric. Some of our clients ship their bikes to us from all over the US for conversion. We now have a drop off and pick up location serving the Sacramento Region. Give our office a call for more information.

Three reasons why you should consider converting your bike to electric rather than buying new.

Cost: The cost to convert your current bike to electric is about 1/3 what you would pay for a pre-built electric bike. In addition, we exclusively use the Bafang 750 watt or 1000 watt mid drive motor. We do not build with hub motors. There are a number of reasons why ALL top end eBikes use mid drive motors and ALL poorly made eBikes use inexpensive hub motors. 

Size and Fit: One of the common complaints about eBikes purchased in stores or online, is they do not fit. Nearly all eBike companies have adopted the “One size fits all” model. Other companies might have two sizes at best. The result is that many people end up with expensive eBikes that do not fit. 

Recycle: When you re-purpose your existing bike by converting it into an electric bike you extend the value of your original purchase and…you keep one more item from ending up in the landfill. Your bike, converted to an electric bike, will provide you years of service

Price to convert your bike into an electric bike: 

Conversion with the BBS02 750watt motor and a 48v 13Ah battery; $1,300.

Conversion with the BBSHD 1000 watt motor and a 48v 17.5Ah battery; $1,900

(Please Note: The 48v 17.5 battery has Samsung 35E Long Distance Cells and is required for the 1000 watt motor).

Included in our conversion service:

*** Bafang BBS02 750 watt or BBSHD 1000 watt motor

*** 48v or 52v eBike battery. We do not use 36 volt systems.

*** Cleaning of the bike: The bike will go through 3 stages of cleaning.

*** Lekkie CNC machined 7075 aluminum Narrow Wide Chainring ($90-$100 retail).

*** Gear shift sensor.

*** Complete tune up.

*** Derailleur Service (Removal, UltraSonic cleaning, 9 point lubrication)

*** Check and align derailleur hanger (90% need realignment!)

*** Removal of cassette (Ultrasonic cleaning and clean, grease hub body)

*** Check and adjust wheel bearings

*** Recalibration of disc/rim brakes.

*** Heavy duty throttle (if requested).

*** New cables and cable housing (if needed).

*** Chain service, Ultra Sonic cleaning, and lubrication.

*** Replace any missing bolts. Check torque on ALL bolts.

***To see the entire process taking place please visit our website www.IslandCityBikes.com

Ship your bike to us from any of the Contiguous US and we pay return shipping!

If you would to ship your bike to our facilities be sure to visit our website for information, or just give us a call.

*****Please note that those who have cargo bikes we offer a pick up and return service. Please call for details.*******

We Convert Cargo Bikes into Electric Bikes


Cargo bikes are one of our specialities. We convert Xtracycle and Yuba bikes into eBikes nearly every week. The picture above is of a Xtracycle we converted into an electric bike using a Bafang BBS02 750 watt motor. Cargo bikes are increasingly growing in popularity and many find adding a motor to the cargo bikes allows it have the power necessary to climb hills and ride against the wind. We carefully convert each cargo bike as if they were being made to carry our own children,



For those who wish to take on their own eBike build, we have everything you need to make it possible! We sell Bafang mid drive motors, both the BBS02 750 watt and the Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt. We also carry in stock all the parts and accessories that you will need. 

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Stop in and test one of our electric bikes. All of our ebikes have the Bafang mid drive system

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