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Welcome to Island City Bikes in Alameda, California. We specialize in converting bicycles into electric bikes. I am Al Carpenter the founder of Island City Bikes. Over the years I have had a plethora of experiences but none that is so satisfying as being a part of the eBike movement. Electric bikes are a great way to exercise, explore, go on a journey, and even replace the car as a means of transportation.

Interestingly enough we started out as an online business selling Bafang motors and batteries. Then we began building electric bicycles and selling them locally using the Bafang Mid Drive System. However, more and more people came to us with their bike and would say, "I already have a great bike, I have money invested in it, it is comfortable, and I do not have space for a second bike...can you install the Bafang motor on my existing bike?" Now, we convert more standard bicycles into electric bicycles than anyone in Northern California and it has become the focus of our business.

When we convert a bicycle into an electric bike we do not simply attach a motor and a battery and send you on your way. It is a long, exacting process. Visit our conversion page to see all that we do. It is not our goal to make a fast or powerful electric is to make a safe electric bike. Yes, we can build a bike that can reach speeds in excess of 70mph but we would only do so under strict guidelines and only for professional riders. We build good electric bikes that are safe electric bikes. That is the standard from which we will not deviate. 

We provide both service and sales.

First: We convert standard bikes into an electric bikes using the Bafang 750 or 1000 watt mid drive motor.  We have converted just about every type of bike one can imagine. All of our conversion have to go through a very strict safety inspection to determine if it can safely be converted into an eBike. Our inspection means that we thoroughly clean your bike then our mechanics disassemble it in order to clearly ascertain the condition of the bike. We look for hairline fractures, missing parts, broken parts, areas that are intact but need repair, and the condition of the wheels, tires, and brakes. The reason for this inspection is that the Bafang mid drive motor is powerful and will exploit any weakness in the bike. If we discover anything that might make your bike unsafe as an eBike we reassemble it and return to you at no cost. 

Price to convert your bike into an electric bike: 

Conversion with the BBS02 750watt motor and a 48v 13Ah battery; $1,250.

Conversion with the BBSHD 1000 watt motor and a 48v 13Ah battery; $1,550

Cargo bikes and road bikes add $100.

***Please read our page on the "Conversion Process" to learn of all the details of our conversion***

Second: We sell eBikes Ready to Ride! We do have a selection of electric bicycles that have been built with the Bafang mid drive motor and are ready to ride. For some, this is the best option. We have selected three bikes from the Specialized and Giant brands and converted them into electric bikes. We have not done this randomly but through the process of building hundreds of electric bikes and we have concluded these three make the best platform to convert and meets the needs of 90% of our customer base.

Giant Escape with a Bafang BBS02 750 watt motor and 48v 13Ah Battery: $1,699

Giant Talon Hardtail with Front Suspension with a Bafang BBS02 750 watt motor and 48v 13Ah Battery: $1,699

Specialized Roll Step Through with a Bafang BBS02 750 watt motor and 48v 13Ah Battery: $1,699

**** If you are in the Sacramento, Roseville, or Folsom area we now have a bicycle drop off in Ranch Cordova. Call and make an appointment to drop your bike off in Rancho Cordova. From Rancho Cordova your bike will be delivered to our Alameda facilities where it will be converted into an electric bike and returned to you. There is no cost for this service.*****

Ship your bike to us and we will pay return shipping!

If you ship your bike to us we will convert it into an electric bike and pay to have the bike shipped back to you. Your local bike shop will be glad to box and ship your bike on your behalf. 

We Convert Cargo Bikes into Electric Bikes

Cargo Bikes are one of our specialities

Cargo bikes are one of our specialities. We convert Xtracycle and Yuba bikes into eBikes nearly every week. The picture above is of a Xtracycle we converted into an electric bike using a Bafang BBS02 750 watt motor. Cargo bikes are increasingly growing in popularity and many find adding a motor to the cargo bikes allows it have the power necessary to climb hills and ride against the wind. We carefully convert each cargo bike as if they were being made to carry our own children,



For those who wish to take on their own eBike build, we have everything you need to make it possible! We sell Bafang mid drive motors, both the BBS02 750 watt and the Bafang BBSHD 1000 watt. We also carry in stock all the parts and accessories that you will need. 

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Stop in and test one of our electric bikes. All of our ebikes have the Bafang mid drive system

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