Fact: Our team of mechanics, technicians, and consultants have been working 7 days a week for 2 years in order to keep up with the demand for electric bikes. 80% of all of our work is converting standard bikes to electric bikes.


Hello, I am Dr. Carpenter, CEO of Island City Bikes, LLC. In 2017 we began the electric bike manufacturing company of Island City Bikes. Instead of using bike frames shipped from China we chose to use existing framesets such as those by Giant, Trek, and Specialized, Raleigh, Diamondback and others. The reasons we chose this approach was because we know these bikes have already met the high standard of quality each company requires. We take these framesets and incorporate a Bafang mid drive motor and a long distance lithium battery. The final result is a quality electric bike built with the best components available yet only one third of the cost of other electric bikes. 

As our reputation grew, people began to bring their existing bikes to us for conversion to electric. We grew for one employee to six employees and opened a second location in Sacramento. Today, converting existing bikes to electric represents 80% of our business. We convert cargo bikes, mountain bikes, leisure bikes, tandems, city bikes, folding bikes, choppers, Burning Man bikes, road bikes, cruisers, adult trikes, and many others. If you are not sure if your bike is a good candidate for conversion just give us call. We keep a large database on all bikes and can tell you in minutes if your bike is a viable candidate. 

There are some very compelling reasons to have us convert your existing bike to electric:

1. All electric bikes are simply bicycles with motors and batteries.

If that is the case then it makes sense to convert your current bike to electric as you are already familiar with the bike, you know it fits, and it is a bike you originally chose as your personal bike. It is our job to insure your bike will be a safe, reliable means of transportation after the conversion to electric. All electric bikes are blending new technologies with standard bicycles. It is not magic....but it feels like it when you ride your eBike for the first time. 

2. Electric bike conversion costs 1/3 of a prebuilt electric bike. 

It is far less expensive when you supply your own bike for the installation of the motor of your choice and the battery of your choice. Why pay for the bike portion of an eBike when you already have that in your garage? 

3. Service of your converted electric bike

If an eBike purchased at a bike shop, or online, needs repair it has to be returned to the manufacturer.  All of our conversion bikes are serviced in house. We have the tools, mechanics, electrical technicians, and the knowledge base to fix anything on our conversions. We can replace a motor in 30 minutes and a battery in 5 minutes. 

4. All of our conversions use the Bafang Mid Drive Motor

The Bafang BBS02 750w mid drive motor is the most popular electric bike motor in the world. Bafang Industries produces and sells over 1,000,000 of these motors every year. They are maintenance free, reliable, lightweight (eight pounds), simple to use, and have incredible hill climbing torque. 

Price to convert your bike into an electric bike: 

Conversion with the BBS02 750watt motor and a 48v 13Ah battery; $1,399.

Conversion with the BBSHD 1000 watt motor and a 48v 17.5Ah battery; $1,899

Included in our conversion service:

*** Bafang BBS02 750 watt mid drive motor. Peak wattage is 1400w.

*** 48v or 52v eBike battery. These are long range batteries.

*** Cleaning the bike: The bike will go through 3 stages of cleaning. See our FAQ page on why we spend so much time on cleaning a bike

*** Gear shift sensor. A shift sensor temporarily shuts off the motor each time you shift.

*** Complete tune up.

*** Pedal assist and throttle

*** Up tp 28mph

*** Derailleur Service (Removal, UltraSonic cleaning, 9 point lubrication)

*** Check and align derailleur hanger (90% need realignment!)

*** Removal of cassette (Ultrasonic cleaning and clean, grease hub body)

*** Check and adjust wheel bearings

*** Recalibration of disc/rim brakes.

*** Throttle.

*** Chain service, Ultra Sonic cleaning, and lubrication.

*** Replace any missing bolts. Check torque on ALL bolts.

*****Please note that those who have cargo bikes we offer a pick up and return service. Please call for details.*******

We love cargo bikes...


We have converted more cargo bikes to electric with the Bafang Mid Drive motor system than any other firm in the US. Converting a cargo bike is difficult due to its size, (up to 7 feet long), and weighs (up to 70 pounds). Despite the length and weight of these bikes we charge the same amount as if we were converting a standard bicycle. 

We do not charge extra fees for the cargo bikes because we have converted so many of them we have it down to a science. We have special pneumatic heavy duty bike lifts that have been custom built by Efficient Velo of Portland Oregon that can easily lift the heaviest cargo bikes. We carry, in stock, all the extension cables, XL chainsets, XL stainless steel shift and brake cables, speed sensors, shift sensors, and even a variety of displays ( 500C, DPC 14, DPC 18, C965) that we know will be necessary on some cargo bikes. We always carry in house a variety of batteries and motors to choose from to match your style of riding.

Cargo Bikes Continued


When it comes to converting cargo bikes to eBikes there is nothing more important than experience. We have converted just about all makes and models of cargo bikes to electric. We have even converted electric cargo bikes with hub motors to the Bafang mid drive system. There are a number of electric cargo bikes that were built with hub motors by a company that is no longer in business and parts and batteries are no longer available. When these bikes arrive at our shop we remove all the old components and install the Bafang mid drive motor system. Now, a bike that was once slated for disposal is a new electric bike that is more powerful, lighter and maintenance free. 

We convert tandem bikes into electric bikes


Tandem bikes are great candidates for conversion to electric. We have built electric bikes with many different bottom bracket standards and have in stock a number of adaptors we use with tandem bike frames. If you have a tandem bike you would like for us to convert to electric please give a call.

The bike pictures above is from a lovely couple who have spent many years together cycling throughout the Bay Area. The motor we installed on this bike will allow them to go further, climb more steeper hills and to continue their journeys together on a tandem for many years to come.

Sunny spot....


This is Leonard, one of our favorite clients. He stopped into our shop today to look around, cause general havoc in puppy like fashion, and then decided he loved to sun in our window. Leonard is a 4 month old Golden Retriever and already very well trained as evidenced by the fact he only peeped once on our floor! Thanks for the visit Leonard and sorry we did not have a bike in your size.

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